First class communications services delivered by experienced media professionals

We enhance every aspect of how your business speaks to the media. Individual services integrate seamlessly to provide slick, efficient and effective business communications.

Media relations

Speaking to your audiences through the right media with the right messages at the right time.

Leadership profiling

Building your leadership profile through targeted media exposure and polished interview techniques.

Campaign for change

Running earned media campaigns that persuade people to consider actions and change behaviour.

Employer PR

Amplifying employer brand through earned media in partnership with talent attraction agency Blackbridge.

Media relations

Our connections in the media, our understanding of how news operates and our dedication to getting our clients' names known for the right reasons all lead to prolific and positive coverage.

News and features stories in the media don’t happen in isolation. They are influenced by other dominant stories around them.

With senior ex journalists at the heart of our business, we recognise the importance of staying on top of the ebb and flow of the news agenda.

Our understanding of the nuances of the news cycle – and our connections – mean we can capitalise on events and gain your business a share of voice in relevant stories.

Interviews with journalists in all media – broadcast, print, national, regional and trade – are a golden chance to get your messages across to the audiences you are trying to reach.

They can also be a frustrating experience if you come away feeling you haven’t got your point across as you intended.

Our personalised media training from former senior journalists provides practical techniques in how to land key messages, handle unexpected questions and look the part while doing it.

We’ll also tell you what “off the record” really means and other tips and tricks to ensure you get what you want from the interview.

The ability to articulate what makes your business stand out from the competition can be the difference between success and failure.

Businesses often struggle to express exactly what they want to say with concision and with impact.

Many fall into the trap of trying to say everything to everyone – but ending up saying nothing to anyone.

Harpswood’s communications experts will work with you to produce meaningful messages that resonate with your audience.

We put aside time to develop a rigorous understanding of your business and the industry in which you operate.

We analyse the different demographics of the audiences you want to speak to and then use our knowledge of the media to map out how to reach them.

Our experienced communications professionals work hand-in-hand with you to devise the most effective strategy to achieve your PR objectives.

Calm heads, good judgment and years of senior editorial experience shape our decisions in how we protect and enhance your reputation.

We have the knowledge to put into context the scale of a crisis situation, an intrinsic understanding of how it could escalate, the foresight to shape the right response and the connections to make sure your side of the story is heard.

Our advice and action could be the difference between coming out with your reputation intact or broken.

Leadership profiling

Charismatic, brilliant or quirky leaders are fascinating to the public. What's the secret of their success? How did they get started? What drives them? We will pick out the strongest angles to build your profile as a leader.

Our experts will speak with you to find out what motivates you and to pick out the most compelling elements of your leadership back story.

It could be the entrepreneurial scheme you ran in the playground, the decision to leave school at 16 or the lightbulb moment that changed your life.

We will work out the best angles to interest the media and start building your leadership profile.

Leaders gain a unique perspective on business life and the media wants to know their thoughts in their field of expertise.

We can establish the space you can own as a thought leader.

Highlighting leadership expert knowledge will define you and give your organisation a point of difference.

Ever wondered how the chief executive of your fiercest rival ended up on the back page of the broadsheet business section talking about her brilliant career?

Wonder no more. We know all of the leadership profile “set slots” in the media and are in regular contact with the journalists who run them.

These popular Q&As often sit on the home pages of prestigious media websites and can transform the profile of your leader and your business.

Speaking to a live audience is a powerful way to get your message across and build your leadership profile.

Harpswood finds meaningful speaking opportunities for leaders which emphasise their expertise and reach the right audience.

Conferences, webinars, podcasts or fireside chats with a group of startups – we will find the best opportunity to develop your leader’s credentials.

Pitch and pace, timbre and timing, humour and humility… there is much to consider when faced with writing an important business speech.

Our speech writers can help you articulate exactly what you want to say, ensure that the tone is appropriate and the examples relevant.

We will produce a narrative flow that will engage an audience and deliver your messages with impact.

Campaign for change

We love working with businesses and organisations with purpose who are trying to make the world cleaner, fairer and better. We can help you persuade people to join your mission through the power of earned media.

We will work with you to articulate the PR objectives of your campaign and devise a strategy to achieve its goals.

Then we will analyse the audiences you are trying to reach in your campaign, prioritise the assets you have available, consider tone and language, and establish the strongest media angles.

And we will work collaboratively with your marketing and public affairs teams to ensure all comms speak in one voice.

Studies into behavioural insights – or nudge theory – show that seeing people like yourself normalising a new habit is the best way to make change happen.

Case studies are those very people. They should always be authentic and representative of the audience you are trying to reach.

Our ex journalists will talk with your case studies to pick out their most interesting stories – then coach them in landing their key messages in media interviews.

Data is a powerful ally in communication. It can provide evidence to show that change needs to happen or it can prove that you are winning your campaign.

Your own data is a potential goldmine of stories for media, highlighting the previously unseen trends and anomalies that mark you out as an industry leader.

Our experienced former journalists are on hand to extract the stories from the spreadsheets and package them up for the media.

Campaigns are often backed by many different organisations with subtly different motivations.

We are experienced in co-ordinating goals to ensure that messaging is agreed by all partners and that everyone works together to reach a collective aim.

We’ll ensure that the whole campaign is greater than sum of its parts.

We measure the impact our work through a number of different metrics.

These include: landing of key messages; the prominence of coverage; numbers of viewers, readers or unique users; and authority of media.

We can also carry out research pre- and post-campaign to see how attitudes have changed.

Employer PR

Every business needs an unfair advantage in its battle to employ the very best talent. Harpswood will ensure your employer brand is enhanced by authentic stories that are amplified through the media.

Our media experts can take your employer value proposition and pick out the angles to interest the media.

You’ve established what it is about your business that makes good people want to come and work for you – now let’s tell the world about it.

We know the journalists writing about the workplace and will establish which publications cut through to the talent profile you are trying to attract.

EVP amplification is the final piece of your recruitment jigsaw.

You are changing your organisation to make it more representative, more diverse and more progressive.

But the talent you need to attract to make those changes needs to know about your ambitious plans before they will consider joining you.

Our employer campaigns experts can bring your vision to life in the media and ensure it reaches the ears of those who need to hear it.

Communicating clearly during a presentation, on a panel or when speaking to media requires practice and preparation.

Great speakers stay in our minds because they successfully articulate the messages they want us to hear.

Imagine being able to convey your EVP in a compelling interview, podcast, panel or speech.

We will help you to communicate effectively as the most prepared and polished version of your true self.

Are you proud of your innovative, diverse and progressive training scheme which offers life-changing opportunities for those who win places?

Then you need to makes sure the brightest talent gets to hear about it.

Our training scheme spotlight ensures that your training offer – whether it targets graduates, apprentices or interns – garners earned media coverage that burnishes your employer brand.

The most powerful ambassador in your business will have a great story behind them but they might not have the tools to tell it.

It could be the tech genius who overcame a tough background, the mid-life career changer who found their perfect role or the woman whose idea transformed the business.

Our ambassador coaches will work with your powerful advocates to deliver their story to the media in a way which reflects your employer brand values.